This (Dutch-Based) tumblr page contains: Cars , Aircooled, photography, Kustom kulture, Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Hoodride, Lada's, Coolness, Dopeshizzle...

Disclaimer: Most of these photo's are not made by me (a lot of them are), i will credit where possible, if you feel credit is not due where it should be, drop me a line, ill get it sorted!

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I Own: a '66 VW Type 3 Notchback.

I Own: a '76 VAZ 2103 Lada.

I Co-Own a '82 Mercedes 300D

I Owned a '65 VW 1300 DeLuxe

I Owned a '88 VW Golf 1.8GTI KR

I Owned a '87 VW Golf 1.8CL

"Slow and steady, Low and way to uncomfortable"

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